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Hi Teachers,


It is with a heavy heart that I write to inform you all that GBPAC is no longer.


We applied for 4 different grants this year and have not been successful with any of them. I suspect that this has something to

do with the National Arts Funding being cut by 100% as of 2019 and it is going to make all grants much harder to come by now

and in to the future.


GBPAC has not become self-funding after 6 years of running the event and we require the extra funds for the event to happen.

If no extra funding, we would need to increase entry fees to the venue, for groups and for scholarships up to 30% and we don’t

believe this is manageable for anyone.

With a reduced committee this year, we do not have the man-power to run a fund-raiser and we also feel that with the recent

drought, fires and now flooding in some areas, the community is not in a position to help with the $8K-10K required to get the

event off the ground.


GBPAC is a subsidiary of BPAC and therefore operates under the BPAC constitution. At our last BPAC meeting last week,

it was decided to close GBPAC for now and maybe, if things pick up for the regional areas, we could look at re-staging it at

some time in the future.


We thank all of you for your continued interest in and support of GBPAC since 2014 and hope to see some of you at BPAC this

year as an alternative. Please pass this on to any students or companions who may have been considering entering in 2020

for the first time. I am sending this to our entire database and will post on our FB page and website as well.


Wishing all of you all the best for 2020


Kind Regards


Rhonda Binnie CSTD

Chairman BPAC/GBPAC 2020

mob: 0417730377